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July 30th, 2010 by

Amy Krajewski Amy Krajewski



Before I found Erik, I gained and lost the same 20 pounds numerous times. I was obsessed with writing down everything I put in my mouth, and spending a fair amount of time at the gym. But I was unable to reach my goals. Then I found Erik. Although, I did have to assure my husband that hiring Erik was a good idea. He had reservations about hiring someone I found online. However, seeing the amazing results of the people Erik had coached, I was finally able to convince him I needed to hire Erik for at least a few months.

Well, a few months has turned into much longer. As I started seeing results, reading about figure competitions, and actually going to one, I thought, why not me? Erik was on board from the beginning. With his coaching, I recently competed in my first figure competition. I am totally hooked, and I’m already planning another for the fall of 2008. There is NO WAY I would attempt to do this without Erik’s coaching! I have the confidence to step on the stage knowing I look the absolute best I can.

Erik’s diet and training plans are easy to understand and follow. He tailors them to meet my individual needs, and leaves nothing to chance. It is as simple as eating what is on the food plan, and doing what is on the training plan. I’ve seen amazing results. Erik is quick to respond to any of my questions, and is always encouraging. I’ve learned so much about myself and that I am capable of creating a physique in which to be proud.

I can’t thank you enough, Erik, for all you do!

– Amy Krajewski, Pocatell, ID

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