Calories count!

October 5th, 2017 by

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Having trouble with fat loss. Do you track what your eating? Many people do not count what they consider ‘incidentals’. you know, that lick off a spoon, that last square of the sandwich your wee ones didnt finish off their plate or you just grab a quick bite out of the bag in the pantry.

Those somehow don’t count  but do they??

While these in isolation they might not add up to much but those unaccounted calories can keep you from making progress and some instances fat loss stall your progress too. I’ve had many clients tell me me that they never realized how much they were truly eating until they were held accountable via coaching because they had to write it down and include it. It’s eye opening for many!

Sometime it take getting a hold of all the variables for a while and in clients cases being held accountable so that you can eliminate the guess work, letting go and allow someone else to control the variables.