The Power of the Dieting Mindset

December 22nd, 2009 by

Dieting. Think about it for a moment. What comes to mind? Did hunger, struggles, cravings, etc. come to mind? It’s those very negative responses to dieting that are the root of painful dieting journeys. Dieting is not just about food, or a lack of it. Dieting is journey you embark upon as an individual. Unfortunately, many people focus too much on the wrong things and wonder why difficult days become the norm.

Do you believe you have control over your mind? You alone can change dieting from being a painful thought, to that of a positive, rewarding one. Just as a sponge absorbs whatever is around it, so does your mind. >From a negative attitude to unsuccessful past experiences, each contributes to how you think. And what you think, you become. Literally. You have the ability to create your own mindset. Whether your attitude is positive or negative is up to you; not your friend, family or coach.

You must look at dieting objectively. You can find solutions to struggles, turn negative situations into positive learning experiences and create your own positive mindset. Or you can simply struggle. Your dieting success is dependent on your mental focus. Ask yourself why you are dieting. No one is making you diet. It is all you. Each day you wake up and make the decision to carry on. Nothing in this world has the power to bring you down or cause you to fail unless you let it. Remember that.

You must have self-belief and confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself and believe in your dreams, then who will? Your goals and passions are uniquely yours. If you believe you will fail at dieting, then you will. If you believe you will reach your goals, you will. It sounds simple, and really it is. Lack of self-belief is one of the top reasons people fail with most things they pursue in life, not just dieting. Even if you have the greatest intentions, not believing in yourself will cause you to struggle. Intentions are not actions. Your mind controls your actions. This is the formula for success, you have to take action.

Remember the last time you accomplished a goal you set for yourself. That feeling, that strong self-worth and ability is in each of us. If I can do it, if your friend can do it, you can do it. Believe that. Nothing holds you back except for you. Never lose sight of what you believe in. Focus on your goals, desire that burns within you, common sense approach, commitment to yourself and positive motivation will get you through each situation. When you shift your focus from a negative one to a positive, you literally can transform any situation. You will develop an indomitable spirit within you, if you only allow it!

So go ahead. Create your enviroment. Rid yourself of negative thoughts. Dieting does not control you, you control it. Create a positive image in your mind of where you are going with your dieting jouney. Actively seek support from those around you who believe in you. When you believe in yourself, it shines into the world, spreading positive influences not only into the lives of others but back into yours. Tell yourself you are a fighter for your dreams. Hold that close in your mind, believe in it, believe in yourself. When hurdles confront you, you will happily embrace, endure and excute successful. YOU will be a SUCCESS. Believe it.