Should My Progress Be Faster?

November 7th, 2013 by

Ok let’s be honest for a second here. No matter the rate you’re actually progressing in the direction of your goals, whether ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ or anything in between, it’s NEVER going to feel fast enough for you now is it?

You’ll always want it more, now, sooner and think it’s just too slow a process. What can I do to do more, eat less, etc., etc? It’s the instant gratification mindset.

All progress is GOOD progress. All of it.

So you have this misguided idea that it should always be faster than it is. “This other person seems to be progressing faster than me. What can we do to pick up the pace here? I’m ready for more!”

Listen, what’s the point of doing something “more” if the “more” is unsustainable and unmaintainable? Add to that, the “more” might not even net you any better progress but WILL put you at greater risk for a halt to progress and/or eventually a regression of progress.

And let’s say on the flip side it DOES net you those short-term, “faster” progress you were after. However given it’s neither sustainable, nor maintainable and likely came with some degree of metabolic compensation, you run the high risk of not only returning to your pre-diet state but ALSO regressing even further up past it; heavier than when you even started. I know many who have been through this can relate all too well. Worth it then?

Kick-start, band-aid type programs invariably wind up with your body kicking you right back – harder. There’s a reason band-aids eventually get ripped off.

Sustainable and maintainable progress should always be the goal and how fast or slow someone around you is progressing has no bearing on you, your metabolism, your dieting history, your genetics, anything.

All progress is good progress and your journey is your journey