5 Steps to Fat Loss

October 6th, 2014 by

1. Create your nutrition plan.

2. Develop your program focused primarily on weight training (remembering that the goal is to eat as much as possible while doing as little cardio as possible while still making forward progress).

3. Take some baseline measurements (weight, measurements, photos, clothes sizes).

4. Implement the plan and measure your compliance.

5. After two weeks reassess the same measure you took at the starting point.

If you’re making progress, keep going. Don’t mess with a good thing. Slow progress is still good progress. Faster is not always better.

If you’re not making progress check your compliance. If your compliance is not on point then it is not necessarily the plan that is the issue. If you’re not following the plan you have you’re probably not going to follow a new program either. Address your compliance first.

If you’re nailing compliance and you’re still not seeing any change (on any of the measures), you may want to make a small adjustment calorically or add a small amount of metabolic work/cardio.

Personally, I sometimes like to wait and see where someone is after another couple weeks even if compliance is good, but that is case by case. With women, fluid shifts during the menstrual cycle can make it hard to compare at two-week intervals.