Application and compliance

May 1st, 2017 by

Application and compliance.

Erik and I talk about this a lot. I mean A LOT. So I figured I should write something up as application is one of my favorite area given I have done just about every diet in the world in my younger days.

Yes, LBC follows a science-based approach. We pride ourselves on being a company that isn’t focused on ‘BRO Science”.

Sometimes other coaches fail to then make their programming applicable to the client. Yes, I know that the math of their diet looks good. But making it sustainable and maintainable is not the goal if you are only offering a handful of foods in their diet. Who wants to do that for the rest of their life? Not many.

One example would be that if I were to compare a breakfast cereal in equal calories to say, sweet potatoes, I would then tell you that the sweet potatoes are better for you from a nutrient stand point.

However, I would then argue that for some people, having some of those foods they have deemed as ‘bad for them’ are good to incorporate in to their plan to try to teach them that in moderation, these foods are not only okay, but they will also not hurt your progress when looking at the big picture.

Being a coach that works on application means that sometimes we have to break some of our guidelines for a bigger more important things- compliance.

I had a client come to me a few months ago struggling with sticking to her plan at night. She has a lot of fat to lose, and she asked if we could take some of her PWO treats and have it at night.

As much as I wanted her to have her PWO at the designated time, I also had to look at this client individually and see that one, she is trying to establish this as a lifestyle and two, she has a long road ahead. So we found a way to continue her PWO but build in some carbs for later in the evening when she was struggling.

So if I can find a way to not only make her more compliant, but also teach her along the way that her pwo treats are not ‘bad’ for her, instead its about finding a way to keep her compliance up and work WITH her vs plugging her into something that wont.

This doesn’t mean that I would say yes to everyone asking for this. In fact, many I would say not to and suggest other things at night. But that is the point of our coaching and making this an individual process. It is also why its so important to not compare your program, foods, and process with someone else.

So the next time you read something educating you and wonder why it isn’t in your program or why you are not doing this or that, remember what the ultimate goal is- success in making it a lifestyle without completely going against the LBC philosophy.