A Note About Estrogen Dominance

July 31st, 2013 by

When you’re having your labs tested and read, it is important not only to look for things that are out of range but also ratios that could be off. Things at first glance may seem to be fine, but take estrogen and progesterone for example. Even if you have a high progesterone level, you can still have symptoms of low progesterone if estrogen is relatively higher than progesterone. It is a delicate balance and estrogen dominance can stop your fat loss and make your feel a host of unpleasant symptoms such as

Irregular menstrual cycles
Body aches
Redistribution of your fat stores

Your thyroid gland also relies on a healthy progesterone level to function well.

My point is that things can really be a mess even if there are no obvious red flags and everything is “in range”. So if you feel like something is wrong, then dig a little deeper. It should also be noted that estrogen dominance is not uncommon, especially after age 35.”

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