Picky Eaters

I am sure my parents would have described me as a picky eater when I was younger. It’s interesting how we pick up a lot of our eating habits from our habits growing up. I always thought veggies had to have melted cheese on them, and that bread could serve as the main dish. :lol:.. Read more →

The Carb-Less Protein Pancake

Sometimes I get tired of drinking my ‘food’-especially when the weather is cooler. There is something about drinking a cold shake when you are already cold. :ban: This is a great alternative for those times. I made these for my family while in Hawaii and they were shocked at how great tasting they were. Almost.. Read more →

Catching Up and Lifestyle Eating

Wow has it been that long since I have posted in here? Time has been flying by and soon here it will be the New Year! Let’s hope not too fast since the Holiday season is usually when I come up with most of my healthy alternatives to classic dishes ;) I wish I could.. Read more →

Protein Powders and Baking

So I guess I should fess up that I probably own 6 to 8 different protein powders at any given time. I’ve tried many flavors and blends while at it. I am always happy if I can find one that tastes great but also bakes great. The isolates have always been harder for me to.. Read more →


So you probably thought I was going to post some great Mexican dish that is really low fat and great for refeeds right? Wrong. I save my Mexican meals for a free meal, or else I have baked nachos on refeeds :lol: This dessert is one of my kids favorites when we go out to.. Read more →

Almost Fat-Free Pumpkin Pie

I made this last week and my family was sold on it :) My husband loves pumpkin pie. In fact, I know he likes to have one pie all to himself at Thanksgiving. :lol: This recipe is not only perfect for re-feeds, its also a great alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie because it tastes.. Read more →