Post Workout….My favorite meal of the day!

Ahhh my favorite part of the day. Hopefully I have just finished a butt-kicking workout and I am ready to eat. This is my opportunity to get really creative considering I can choose my carb choice including ‘yummy junk’ (in Anca’s words). While only needing to keep it low-fat, my list of food ideas can get rather long. :lol: With all of the “100 Calorie” cookies, crackers, candy bars, etc. out there you can get really creative and make it the best treat ever!!

Hopefully by now you have already watched the video of my “Wannabe Oreo Blizzard”. IF you haven’t…what are you waiting for?? This recipe is a follow-up to that one, but it’s dedicated to all the peanut butter lovers out there. ;)

Peanut Nutter Butter PWO Blizzard

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
50g 1% Cottage Cheese (blended)
5 g powdered peanut butter
4 grams SF FF Butterscotch pudding mix
1 to 1 1/2 pkgs 100 Calorie Planters PB Crisps
2-3 packets of splenda (optional)


ï Blend cottage cheese until smooth (preferably in the Bullet)
ï In large blender add ice, 6 oz water, protein powder, pwd. pb and cottage cheese
ï Blend until smooth
ï Pour Ω of PB crisps into cup, then add blended mixture. Freeze.
ï Add other Ω pkg of crisps to shake when ready to eat.

*This is just the “template” to this recipe. Remember you can always add/remove ingredients based on your caloric needs.