New Curls and Whey project for Lean Bodies Consulting clients!!

Looking for new ideas for your Lean Bodies Consulting nutrition plan? Ways to build in some additional variety? Many LBC clients have picked up my new cookbook, Better Eating. Better Choices. Better Body and have started to make use of it in their plans.
 After receiving an increase in questions pertaining to LBC meal plans, I have been working on a database of recipes WITH VIDEOS that will be tailored to your specific meal plans.
 So how does this work? Clients will be able to log in via password where they will find videos of LBC compliant recipes. They will have options to choose from that allow them to exchange these into their personal programs and the macronutrient amounts of that specific recipe are all figured out for them.  No thinking required! It’s basically just pick and choose, plug and play. It really can’t get any easier. No math, no calculations, no figuring out how to adjust a recipe to make it fit into your plan. It’s ALL done for you.
 As you know, LBC doesn’t do ‘cookie cutter’, so this is a database that will grow as LBC clients request specific recipes to be tailored to their personal plans. In addition, we’ll have an area where you can submit your request and I will add that recipe with macronutrient information to the database.
 I think this is a great service Lean Bodies Consulting will have to offer. Stay tuned.