Cous Cous Creativity!

I’ve been so busy working on my Curls and Whey Cookbook, but I really wanted to post up a quick blog post on a meal I had yesterday.

My meal called for:

85g chicken

100g cous cous


I managed to have a wrap that really filled the spot. I will be doing a complete write up of the Tumaro’s Tortillas and Wraps, but in the meantime, let me give you the specs on them.

Each large wrap is 72 calories, 2 grams of fat, 11g of carbs (7 grams of fiber) and 6 grams of protein. 

I decided to then subtract the wrap that from the 100g worth of cous cous I get, which equaled one wrap and about 25 grams of cous cous. 25 grams of cous cous in a wrap still looked like a lot!! I added a little salsa and it was complete.