Building A Kebab

I’ve used kebabs in my plan for quite some time now. I simply weigh out my protein portion and then build my kebabs. They are perfect for when we are having people over for dinner because it allows me to eat what everyone is eating.  Plus everyone realizes just how yummy healthy food can taste.

Here are a few kebab combos:

Teriyaki Salmon– Salmon+mushrooms+pineapple+onions+teriyaki

Pesto Chicken- Chicken+cherry tomatoes+zuchinni+pesto

Mediterranean Scallop- Scallops+zuchinni+onions+tapenade

Jerk Pork- Pork+onions+red bell peppers+peaches+jerk sauce

Rules of the Skewers

Step 1: Soak skewers in water for at least 20 minutes before building the kebabs.

Step 2: The protein you cook will determine your produce size. Thinks like shrimp and scallops cook quickly so you will want to cut your produce smaller so it cooks quickly as well. Chicken and pork take longer so you will want to cut the produce into larger chunks.

Step 3: While the skewers are soaking you can go ahead and marinade your protein. Then after cooking the kebabs, it is always nice to brush them lightly with the sauce.

Step 4: Use a medium-hot grill. Make sure it is not too hot that is chars the outside of the food without cooking the inside of the protein.