You either want it or you don’t, and your decisions reflect that

April 21st, 2017 by

You cannot say in one breath that you WANT IT SO BAD, AND WILLING TO DO ANYTHING, and then in the next breath say that you were unable (its really unwillingness) to stay 100% on plan.

The decisions you make in everything you do, is because you want to do it. So own it.

-You want it so bad, but not more than the candy bar.

-You want it so bad, but you just can’t get up in the morning that early.

-You want it so bad, but you just are not good in the kitchen.

-You want it so bad, but you just don’t have the time like others do.

Bottom line is you don’t want it ‘so bad’. Your decisions reflect that.
So if you find yourself always falling short of those goals, step back and reflect on them. Are they realistic? Are you giving it all you truly can? Reaching your goals takes some sacrifice.

There are many days you will want to sleep in and miss that workout, but remind yourself of what you want more.