When slipping on your diet, how do you compensate?

September 15th, 2016 by

A question in the Q/A was about slipping on your diet, cheating and it turning into a binge – How do you compensate and when?

Q-Scenario: a person slips up and has a cheat they weren’t supposed to have such as binges on junk. Best way to negate the damage of this AFTER doing so? Such as go do cardio? Hiit? Weights? Immediately after? Hours after? Etc etc. Thank you!

If you fall into the mindset that you have to compensate, then you have disordered thinking and need to work on that mindset.

An off plan meal should be something you enjoy and is balanced not something you hate yourself for after and have guilt.

Caloric restriction, exercise or both, should never be used as ‘tool’ to fix a dietary choice. What you need to do is immediately recognize your off plan and get right back on what is your normal meal compliance the very second you can and just keep moving.

You DO NOT compensate by removing any food or meals OR adding in extra exercise or cardio. That is disorderly thinking. If the ‘cheat’ was emotionally driven examine what frame of mind you were in at the time so you don’t fall into that same mindset again. Also, some people fall into such food prisons of such tight eating ‘rules’ you might want to look at your nutritional set up as well.