Suffering from cravings and sweets after your on-plan meal?

December 11th, 2017 by

Cravings are real but they only get stronger if you indulge them. Acknowledge they exist, but don’t let it go any further than that.

If you tie emotion to your cravings and have deprivation mindset you will always sabotage your goals. Instead, note that you are craving something, shrug your shoulders and realize that you can have it if you want and RIGHT NOW your goal is more important, then move on.

In addition, craving management can be about getting creative with your meals, so that you can try and fit similar foods into your plan. For example protein ice-cream instead of sitting down to a bowl of ice cream. Not that you can never indulge, but some discipline never hurt anyone.

Pick and choose the times you are willing to eat off plan and stick to it. Every night in front of netflix can’t be the frequency if you want real and lasting results. You also need to recognize that giving into every craving is not a living lean behavior. This is not something you can keep falling back on if maintaining a specific physique matters to you.