Remember, it’s all about sustainable and maintainable

December 15th, 2017 by

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Remember, it’s all about sustainable and maintainable.

There’s no point in getting in shape if the methodology is not sustainable and the results not maintainable due to how they were achieved in the first place. (because if the methods used are not sustainable, then neither are the results you achieve using them).

The longer time you spend in a diet cycle the great the chances (even done well to minimize the damage) that you can sustain metabolic and hormonal consequences. This is why we push to our clients, GET IN, GET OUT.

The longer one diets/eats below maintenance calories, the more significant these consequences become. And the dieting path can be significantly lengthened not just by having a long way to go physically, but by a lack of dietary compliance which makes everything that much longer. And those consequences can get in the way of you reaching the goal even when you finally get the compliance down pat … because it took too long and thus those negative adaptations are in the way of progress. So you get all of the negatives of dieting, without ever achieving all the positives.

This is why we say – get in, kill it, get out. And get to living the Lifestyle you worked hard to achieve. We’re going to teach you how to cut out this diet cycling LONG TERM because as we say, there is no lasting physical changes without the mindset changes.

You have to think big picture and long term here.

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