Sushi On My Plan!!

I have posted this one before, but its one I feel needs to be brought back to the top. I see so many people in love with sushi and think that sushi rolls are always healthy. I hate to burst your bubble, but not all sushi rolls are alike. The popular California roll has aprproximately.. Read more →

Football Foodies- The 7 Layer Dip

Oh how I love football season! There’s nothing like sitting in front of the TV in my Broncos jersey eating snacks while watching the game. If i were to consume what most of Americans eat during a game, I would need to have another wardrobe 4 sizes larger just for football season. I try to.. Read more →

Aunt JoAnn’s Raspberry Dessert

This jell-o recipe is one of my all-time favorites from long ago. I could always count on my Aunt JoAnn to make it for holiday dinners.  It’s fast, easy, low fat and low in calories. Perfect for post-workout or for a refeed!   Ingredients 1 large box of sugar-free raspberry jell-o 1 large box of.. Read more →

Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie

My husband loves pumpkin pie. In fact, I know he likes to have one pie all to himself at Thanksgiving. :lol: I have been making this pumpkin pie for a couple of years now, and it never gets old. This recipe is not only perfect for re-feeds, its also a great alternative to the traditional.. Read more →

Weekly Discoveries

I thought it would be fun to post up some of my weekly discoveries whether it be at the grocery store, health food store or even the sporting goods store. If you have any weekly finds that you would love to share, put them in the comment section and I can post up more information.. Read more →

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Did you know that the average person’s beverage daily consumption equals about 20% of their total caloric intake? I don’t know about you, but drinks just don’t cut it for me. Outside of a protein shake, I would much rather chew my food.  Are ya with me? So what have you had to drink so.. Read more →