Prowler Work

December 11th, 2017 by

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Who has access to one of these? If you do, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. I love mine, and it is a great way to add metabolic work, build speed/explosiveness, or just get stronger.

This weekend I did a hand over hand workout as a finisher. I attached my rope to my prowler and set it up so that I had to pull it up hill. After a few warm up pulls, I began to add weight.

10 pounds for one pull
20 pounds for one pull
30 pounds for one pull
50 pounds for four pulls

Remember, hand over hand and do this one SEATED. If you use two hands you will obviously be able to pull a lot more. Maybe you can anyway, or maybe less. Adjust weights according to your skill/strength.

Afterward I got the family together and we all took turns pulling the sled uphill, but this time with people also adding their weight. Needless to say when I pulled Nefi it wasn’t hand over hand lol. It was killer by the end though. Great way to quickly add a finisher to my workout!