Paying the price for reaching your goals

October 18th, 2016 by

A few thoughts on paying the price for reaching your goals..

There will always be people in your life that will not understand WHY you are willing to pay that price. They may think what you do is too extreme. That is ok, and honestly it is just as bad to roll your eyes at people that aren’t willing to do what you do. For them the cost is too high, the benefits aren’t appealing enough. Don’t automatically assume they don’t have what it takes, in fact they are probably doing something to further a different goal that requires a lot of sacrifice on their part. One that doesn’t interest you in the slightest.

For example with fitness, I am willing to pay the price of weighing my food, not eating freely, training hard, taking the slow road to fat loss for health reasons, and making rest a priority. Where I draw the line for myself is my health, my mood, and my time. I am not willing to spend countless hours in the gym doing double cardios to get there faster, I have a family and the time I have with them is limited enough. I won’t deplete my body until I can no longer recognize myself because I am exhausted and moody. I am not willing to take in too few calories for extended periods of time because it sucks and it won’t support my hormones. Could I get there faster? Maybe, but I would rather take the slow road, with lots of consistent hard work, and keep my results. I am not willing to risk crashing and rebounding because I am impatient, no matter how tempting that option seems at times. Those of you who read my story a few days ago know that I live this way. Slow and steady is my road of choice.

The point is, the ones that succeed are the ones willing to pay the price. There is no passion without pain. Nothing worth having is free. It comes with a cost. When the benefits outweigh the cost you pay it, EVEN when times get tough. Only you get to decide how much you’re willing to put up with in the name of achieving something you perceive as great.