Mindset is everything

February 22nd, 2017 by

I have always liked the acronym M.I.E. (Mind Is Everything) because while physical brawn is limited the power of the mind is infinite.

Many of us can talk ourselves out of a particular lift at the gym so easily by simply allowing fear or doubt to creep into our minds. The same mindset can determine our dietary adherence every single day and whether we follow our plan or our plan completely falls apart.

Some of us however, have discovered that the power of our mindset can work in the other direction too. We have the power to accomplish physical feats in the gym which we may have previously thought to be impossible. With the right mindset 100% dietary adherence is a simple task because we know it is essential for us to reach our goals.

When you wake up every morning you have a chance to program your own mindset for the entire day ahead. Choose the mindset of a champion and you will achieve great things both inside and outside of the gym! Have a blessed Sunday.