Medications and Fat Loss

June 13th, 2016 by

Medications and Fat Loss-
Just an FYI -If you are taking a medication and have issues with your metabolism and fat loss, it would be worth it to look into it/them to see is there are any indications that it can interfere with your fat loss goals as well as do some hormone testing.

I’m currently working with a client (two actually), who is taking a known hormone disrupting medication that can disrupt thyroid hormones. While she can’t stop the medication she is on I stayed on top of her hormone testing and advised another test. Sure enough, this time the labs finally reflected what I suspected all along and we can now continue to working on getting her hormones optimized and get her fat loss journey on track.

PLEASE DO NOT STOP TAKING MEDICATION without your dr approval but you can discuss with your pharmacy and your dr to see if that might be an issue for you. You might not be able to change the medication you are on but you can still optimize your hormones.

Do your research.