LBC’s Rachel Kraenow is looking phenomenal!

July 20th, 2014 by


LBC’s Rachel Kraenow is a compliance all star. She’s diligently followed her plan. She is good friends with another LBC client, IFBB Pro Kim Seeley who reached out to me regarding Rachael the other day to say:

“Hi Boss

Hope all is well. Wanted to give huge hugs and shout outs for what you have done for bikini athlete Rachel Kraenow . A restored healthy responsive body that looks the best it has ever looked in her life. I saw her last night for a bit of a dress the last posing practice before heading to nationals and I was blown away. I’ve never seen that woman look like that. I’ve judged her locally for the last few years and just knew something was not right … and after some conversation, knew exactly what was wrong and the path the last “team” took her down.”

Great success story of another ‘come back’.