Ileen’s real talk – learning to like yourself

March 28th, 2017 by

Mirrors are not for picking ourselves apart and yet so often that is what we do.

Sunday morning I was trying on my swim suits for Spring Break in a few weeks I took the photo below. At first I found my mind wandering all the things ‘I think’ need improving and then reality kicked in. I smiled because I Like Me!
( it’s a cute great children’s book too)

When we stare at ourselves so much on our journey to improvement, we so often pick on our ‘own imperfections’ that we miss so many great things to celebrate about ourselves along the way. I’m guilty of that too. There have been a time or two, uhem more, Erik has had to remind me of that as well – Im real.

Like everyone else, I have lumps, bumps, scars, spider veins, stretch marks, loose skin and fat pockets. But I also I have muscles, bicep veins. I’m strong, I’m beautiful, I’m healthy and I’m fit. I have a great fitness lifestyle and at a few months shy of 55 yo, I feel great and look great too! Not even Hashimoto’s or Graves stopped me! That was my reality check this am to myself.

When you look in your mirror or at your photos, instead of tearing yourself down/ or apart, recognize how wonderfully special you are in EVERY way. Stop judging yourself solely based on a reflection, an image or even someone else’s high reel because you miss so many wonderful things about yourself. Accept and LOVE yourself at all stages of your journeys. True beauty comes from within!