Feta Spinach Turkey Burgers

July 17th, 2017 by

Feta Spinach Turkey Burgers

Wanted to share a super simple and tasty recipe which fits in perfectly with the LBC nutritional philosophy. This is super, super easy:

-Lean Ground Turkey (to fit your plan…use the food calculator or the soon to be released “baller” Go Figure App to sub if turkey is not on your plan)
-One egg white (account for this in your portion of ground turkey as it’s a protein source)
-Spinach (however much you like there)
-Red onion (however much you like there)
-Feta cheese (to fit your plan…see comment on ground turkey if you have another fat source in your plan)


This is obviously meant to do done in a batch, mixed together in a mixing bowl and then molded into burgers with all the ingredients listed. While you can do this (this will take some math, assumptions and tinkering), my suggestion would just be to make the turkey burgers (you don’t have to use egg white) with the spinach and red onion mixed in and then top with the feta by itself.

There is a difference in cooked vs. pre-cooked weights, and we have our clients measure meat, fish and poultry in cooked weight. You may have to “shave off” some of your burger or add a bit of another burger (lucky you) after cooking.

An easier option here, IMO, is just to pan fry the ground turkey and chop it up, add in the onion and spinach while cooking, measure out your specific portion, and top with Feta (you can sub out any cheese but the Feta works so well with the onion and spinach).

Whatever your preference, add a carb of your choice (yes, If going the burger route, you can use bread or a bun), and have at it. I personally just like to do these with sticky rice, but whatever blows your hair back. Tabasco or Siracha as an addition is never a bad idea.