Day one of training for Coach Erik, post surgery

January 13th, 2016 by


Well, today was day one of my training and day one of dieting. Surgery to repair the rupture of my right distal biceps tendon was last Thursday. They had a bit more trouble with the surgery than originally anticipated because there was some tendon fraying. As a result they had to cut the tendon a bit shorter, and then had to pull it down to drill it into the radius. In addition to that issue, my tendon was thicker than average as a weight training individual, so they also had to trim that down in order to fit the hole that was drilled into the radius.The good news of course is that I no longer have a frayed tendon.

Last night, Sunday night, was the first night I was able to sleep in my own bed although I wasn’t able to move. The first few nights I was sleeping on a chair in the basement which wasn’t as bad as I anticipated from a comfort standpoint, but there’s nothing like your own bed. The pain has been worse than I anticipated, especially at night, but that’s what pain medication is for, lol.

Wifey is taking good care of me.

I see my orthopedic surgeon next Tuesday so I have another eight sleeps to get through and then hopefully they take the cast off and I can proceed with regular rehab. I believe they will put me in a hinge brace and gradually add range of motion every week or so.

So, as discouraging as this can be from a training standpoint I am trying to keep a positive attitude and do what I can. So today I officially started dieting even though there is minimal upper body training and as such I will lose upper body muscle, but I am still going to diet anyway so that when I am ready to train hard on my upper body I have much of the fat lost hopefully.

Today was a very basic lower body workout:

1.Power Squat machine – 5×5
2.Hip Thrusters – 2×8
3.Seated Leg Curls (toes pointed) – 3×6
4.Band-Resisted Glute Bridges – 3×12

I have to type with one hand which has made emailing very slow, but I have done this post using voice-to-text and then just had to make some edits so I’m making it work, lol.