Coaching versus Teaching

December 7th, 2016 by

A coach/client relationship is not the same as a teacher/student relationship. The latter is MUCH more involved in terms of time commitment since it is essentially an element in addition to coaching. Coaching is about getting a client results and empowering them as individuals primarily.

Teaching is about educating. They’re not one and the same although education still comes out of a good coach/client relationship.

It’s just not feasible to answer ‘why’ to every programming decision a coach makes – especially in an email exchange. It’s akin to asking a coach to summarize years of experience that allow him or her to make programming decisions in a short email.

Programming isn’t a formulaic process beyond the initial plan design – it’s an art form that comes with experience of working with clients of all different types over years, especially when you’re dealing with the ‘non-textbook’ client for which everything seems to work.

So it’s not directly teaching per se. The service is that of a coach-client relationship and not that of a teacher-student rapport. That said, in providing you with the programming required for you to get the most out of this experience and helping you troubleshoot, over time, you will hopefully pick up a great deal as a secondary benefit.

Of course, if you’re really savvy you can find much if the information you seek on the LBC website in the form of articles, blogs, and Q&As.