Sunny Daye

July 30th, 2010 by



Erik was referred to me by Kim Ball. We both were trainers at Fitness Impact in LB. My 1st figure competition was in December of 2006. Going in, I knew so very little about prep, show, diet, etc. Soon after Kim caught the bug and began her quest for info on competing. She found Erik Ledin and was totally transformed. I hardly recognized her. She placed 3rd in her 1st show. I wanted results like that and she pointed me in Erik’s direction. I was really skeptical because of the distance and email only communication, but his method of meal and workout plans designed to support my bodyfat loss and muscle gain WORKED! The biweekly check-ins and sending photos is essential to success as well as ADHERENCE! Even with my over-cheating in the beginning, I won three 1st place trophies at the Western All Forces Natural Bodybuilding & Figure competition in Anaheim, Ca! There is no way I could have done it without Erik&’s expert guidance and me finally following his direction.

Forever grateful,

Sunny Daye, Long Beach, Ca