Robin Romero

November 27th, 2011 by

I think most people would agree that “betrayal” is one of the most awful feelings in the world.  Well what about when your own body is the very thing betraying you?  THAT HURTS.  You diet like everyone tells you to, you train until you feel like you’re going to break, and your body does NOTHING.  That’s where I was.  After 2 years of competing with the same crash diets and excessive cardio that are oh so very popular amongst competitors, I was burnt out and rebounding 18 lbs in 3 weeks.  Time to start training again.  Dieting with only about 10 different food selections, minimal carbs, 6 days of cardio a week, and fat that refused to part its ways with my mistreated body.  “How did I let myself get here?”  That’s all that echoed through my mind.  And fortunately I wasn’t too proud to admit that I needed help.

A group on Facebook pointed me towards Lean Bodies Consulting.  The more I read about LBC, the more I knew Erik was just the person to help me.  I didn’t need a coach to pat me on my back and tell me I looked great and and “just keep going, you’ll be fine”.  I needed someone to straighten me up, tell me what I needed to do to get my body healthy again because it clearly was not.

Well here I am today after about 3 months of working with Erik.  I competed last weekend and I’m ready to get back on stage tomorrow.  Am I tired?  No.  Am I carb-depleted and dehydrated?  No.  Am I a walking zombie like every other girl competing tomorrow how hasn’t touched water in days or ice cream in months?  No.  I FEEL amazing.  I look lean and strong and energetic and healthy.  I look ALIVE!

Lean Bodies Consulting helped me lose a lot of things.  I’ve lost fat, I’ve lost ancient notions of what a bodybuilder’s diet should be, I’ve lost my fear of carbs, I’ve lost the feeling that I need to do cardio every day if I ever want to lose weight, I’ve lost my relationship with my bathroom scale.  So what have I gained? I gained love for the sport again, I’ve gained a modeling contract with a clothing line, but more importantly I’ve gained  TRUST.  Trust, that my body can and will become the lean toned physique that I’ve always wanted it to be.  I’ve gained the ability to look in the mirror and think “WOW!  That’s really me!”  And I’ve gained a whole new relationship with food that will last forever.  So in a word, I’ve gained LIFE.

-Robin Romero, Oceanside, CA