Noel Clark

July 30th, 2010 by




Name: Noel Clark
Age: 30

Now that I have had a chance to work with Erik on a long term basis, I definitely have a better understanding of how critical nutrition and exercise planning are to seeing your body change. The first time I used Erik was for the week prior to my first Figure competition. The differences in that week alone were awesome and I would have never been able to achieve those changes without his guidance. BUT – the changes I have seen over the past 11 months are truly amazing.

Before I began working with Erik, I worked out nearly every day and did more cardio than any human being should. One of the first lessons I learned once I began working with Erik was the importance and value of training efficiently. With Erik, every second I spend in the gym maximizes time and effort. This is especially important since I am a mother to three young girls and cannot devote countless hours each week to training.

The second lesson learned from working with Erik is that nutrition is the key. Erik provides detailed, easy to follow plans – again, a very good thing for a busy mom. Nothing is left to guess work. Not only has he taught me what to eat, but also the critical importance of when to< eat – nutrient timing. And here is where the really dramatic changes are made with Erik – training and nutrition do not work independently from one another, but rather act as complementary pieces to the body transformation puzzle. Training that isn’t supported by appropriate nutrition is wasted, but when training and nutrition work hand in hand, results are not only achievable but also dramatic. They certainly have been for me.

Through him, I have been able to achieve physique goals that I never even imagined possible. With less than a year of training, and only two figure competitions to my credit, Erik was able to prepare me to step onto the national stage. I could never have achieved the changes< necessary to make that possible without Erik’s guidance and I know that he can continue to help me improve with every show and continue to produce dramatic changes in my physique.

– Noel Clark, Marietta, GA