Nancy Voss

July 30th, 2010 by


Name: Nancy Voss
Age: 38

I have always been physically active and enjoyed running, biking and aerobics but knew nothing about weight training. I’d always wanted to venture into the weight room at my gym because I knew that weight training would help me change my body composition, which is what I really wanted. A lack of confidence and little knowledge about weights or how to set up an effective training routine kept me in the so-called ‘safer’ areas of the gym – the aerobics room and the cardio machines. That’s where Erik’s knowledge came into play. He helped me with a sound nutritional program and effective weight training routine and my physique began to change. He taught me about proper form, along with the sets, reps and rest intervals for all my exercises. I now have the confidence to venture into the weight room and spend much less time on the cardio machines and I’m more than pleased with the results. I’m heading into my 40’s and have two children and now have the physique I’ve always dreamed about.

– Nancy Voss, Kettleby, Ontario