Lisa Peper

July 30th, 2010 by

Lisa Peper

Age: 26

I found Erik through his website and forum online when I was struggling through my first figure contest prep. I had hired a different online trainer to do my diet and training for my first show, but soon realized her way of prepping wasn’t for me. I had gotten into weight training and fitness to be healthy, and I knew what I was doing to my body — hours of cardio, extremely low carbohydrates, very little rest — wasn’t healthy. Erik gave me some advice to make it through my competition, and I knew that next time I did a show, I’d work with him.

This spring, after struggling with weight gain post-contest, but eager to compete again, I began working with Erik. I had seen the testimonials, the before and after pictures, and I knew that even though I had a lot of fat to lose, Erik could get me where I needed to be by the time I stepped on stage. I put my complete faith in him, followed his plan as close to 100 percent as possible, and he certainly delivered. I competed in my first national figure competition (North Americans) feeling and looking better than I had ever looked before,and even brought home a trophy — taking 5th place in my class. The results exceeded all my expectations, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Even more amazing than my results was the ease of the prep. I lost 20 pounds and 20 inches in just 14 weeks, with minimal cardio, a good variety and quantity of food and great energy. Unlike the year before, when I felt like a zombie most days, I felt great on Erik’s plan. There were no extreme cravings. I didn’t dread my workouts. In fact, I enjoyed being in the gym and felt like myself! No matter what, dieting means being hungry, but the hunger was manageable, and I was dropping the weight at a steady pace. Most importantly, I felt healthy throughout the 14 weeks. I didn’t need to go to extremes, take supplements, or train hours a day to get lean enough for stage. Through Erik’s sensible and scientific approach, I was able to shed the fat, maintain my muscle mass, and bring it all together to present to the judges.

With Erik’s help, I far exceeded my goals for this competitive season, and I look forward to continuing to work with him as I continue competing. Without Erik, and without his way of prepping for a competition that’s manageable, enjoyable, and actually keeps competing as a hobby — not something that takes over your life — I probably wouldn’t have stepped on stage again. Now I look forward to continued success in the sport. Thank you Erik.

-Lisa Peper, Old Hickory, TN