Lisa Anderson

August 2nd, 2010 by


I hired Erik Ledin in March 2010 to assist me with competition prep.  This was my 3rd year competing and I wanted to hit the stage better than ever before.  I had been doing my own prep for 8 weeks.  I started off with moderate cardio and diet.  Over the 8 weeks, I kept increasing the cardio and decreasing the calorie intake to keep seeing results.  I could see myself heading down the same old path that I’d been going for the last 2 years.  More cardio, less calories and no better physique.  I had a couple of friends working with Erik and I kept seeing their results.  They loved Erik, his workouts, his diets and their RESULTS.  I had to see what he was about.  I emailed him and told him “I have 11 weeks to get ready”.  Do you think I can do it?  He didn’t promise me anything except great workouts, diet and his expertise.  It was up to me and what I’d been doing to this point.  Everyone around me was skeptical because he wasn’t promising me the moon but me.  I was willing to take that chance to learn something new and bring a better package to the stage.  You know what… I did too.  I look the best I’ve ever looked.  It wasn’t easy by no means but it was less time in the gym and better food throughout most of the prep.  What I love about Erik is that he forces you to be accountable and he measures your results through different methods.  You can discuss your concerns with him and he can give you experience and fact based information.  He never requested I buy supplements nor do anything that jeopardized my health.  Any questions I had on supplements or anything, he’d give it to me straight.  I can’t say enough about him and what he brings to the fitness industry.  I wouldn’t think twice about using him again or suggesting him to other people.

– Lisa Anderson, Nashville, TN