Laura Moreland

July 30th, 2010 by

I entered my first figure competition at 37. I was definitely lean (two hours of cardio a day will do that for ANYONE!), but knew I needed more muscle if I wanted to do more competitions and ever try my hand at the National level. Enter Erik. A fellow competitor that has since become a friend (Noel Clark ) talked about her preparation – 30 min cardio sessions? Carbs? These things called refeeds? SIGN ME UP (and by the way Noel LOOKS AMAZING! That was what convinced me). So Erik helped me add some muscle for a few months and totally reshaped everything I thought I knew about weight training. I did (and still do) exercises I had never even heard of and have had so much fun with each training plan he has sent. I wait for my new ones like they are little gifts I get to open and play with.

So it was time to peel off that excess weight and see what new muscle I had added. Even in diet mode my cardio was so much less than I had to do before … my little girl was thrilled that we did not have to spend every night at Gold’s 8 weeks prior to my competitions this year! I was really excited to see my new back and some new muscle definition in my legs. I went into my shows (including a National one) feeling like I looked my best ever, and with a preparation plan that did not completely turn my personal life upside down.

Erik has been amazing to work with. I have learned SO much from him and he has never made me feel silly for asking what I know have to be silly questions. I look forward to adding some more muscle this year and hitting the same National show next year with an even better package. Thanks Erik for all of your help! Even though you have lots of clients you have the ability to make each one feel like they are the only one. Your responsiveness and support have really helped me set goals for my physique I do not think I would have had the confidence to do otherwise.

– Laura Moreland, Columbia, South Carolina