Kim Pheiffer

July 30th, 2010 by

Kim Pheiffer Kim Pheiffer

I recently had the opportunity to work with Erik Ledin and what an incredible experience!

I have been working out for years and actually am one of those people who look forward to my workouts. I have always been in awe of women who compete in figure and fitness competitions. I have always thought I’d love to compete, but at 39 years old, two kids and owning my own business, how would I have time to fit in all the training and cardio.

After years of thinking about it, I finally decided to sign up for a show. I was working with a trainer and the workouts were challenging and I was following the diet plan, but I wasn’t seeing any changes in my body after 6 weeks. I decided to do some research on line and that’s when I found Erik. I was very skeptical at first of training with someone that I had found on-line (this is coming from a person who rarely buys anything on line, let alone hires a trainer who I found on-line). I had so many questions and Erik answered all of them and got back to me quickly on everything.

I had less than 6 weeks to prepare for the show with Erik. I was amazed at how I felt after just two weeks. The eating plan was easy to follow and he incorporated all the foods I liked. The training was challenging but didn’t include the crazy hours of cardio that most trainers require. I have learned so much from Erik and am amazed with the changes in my body.

I was so happy with the results and did my first figure competition placing 3rd in my class. I plan to do another one in September and will be working with Erik again to prepare. He is a wonderful coach and a wealth of knowledge on training and nutrition. It has been an incredible experience and I would recommend Erik to anyone!

– Kim Pheiffer, Lewis Center, Ohio