Jody Bernhardt

July 30th, 2010 by



Name: Jody Bernhardt
Age: 38

I have often said that no one has a perfect body but we all have our own best body. Three months ago I was still looking for mine. After years of running circles around training and nutrition I finally found the one component missing from achieving my best body … Erik Ledin. As a 38 year old mother of 4, I thought that dream was far behind me. I can honestly say that preparing for the Mrs. America competition took focus and discipline but Erik completely took the guesswork out of my training and nutrition. Upon arrival at the Mrs. America national competition I knew the work had paid off. I received compliments daily about my conditioning, especially regarding my arms and back. My legs look better than they ever have in my life. My rear has always been a problem area for me and during our group swimsuit photo shoot several other contestants commented that my butt looked flawless. Wow! I finally did it! Thank you Erik for changing me forever.

– Jody Bernhardt
Mrs. Michigan America 2006
Mrs. America Fitness Award Winner