Jasmine Perks

October 3rd, 2011 by

I began my journey with Erik Ledin and Lean Bodies Consulting in early April of 2011 to begin my contest prep for the OPA Ontario Provincials. Prior to joining the LBC family, I took some time to research some of the best coaches out there. I was looking for someone who would not only help me reach my goals but also someone who would provide me with a learning opportunity. Somebody who really understood how the body works and who doesn’t follow the main stream ideas, trends, cookie cutter programs etc. It was extremely important to me that I worked with someone who would tell me what I needed to hear rather than feed me BS. After weeks of reviewing coaches, reading interviews, blogs, testimonials, and talking with Erik over numerous emails, I was reassured that becoming a client of Erik’s would be the right decision … and it was.

When Erik and I started to work together, my goal was to prepare me for Provincials. This was my second show and I was nervous because I only had 3 months for contest prep and wasn’t sure if I would be ready in time. One of the many things that I learned from Erik early on was consistency. If I was consistent and compliant in my efforts then I would reap the rewards in the end. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was hard for me to give up all control in the beginning but I was quickly shown that Erik truly understood the body in all respects and was just as dedicated as I was for me to reach my goal.

I remember submitting my first bi-weekly and how excited I was because of the huge change I made so quickly! It was a great way to start off my progress. As the weeks went by, my results weren’t as noticeable (in my mind) and I started to feel a doubtful in reaching my goal but once again, Erik was there to teach me that progress in not linear and there would be weeks were I would just need to put my head down and grind it out; that the leaner I got the more difficult it would be to reach the desired look I was aiming for. 3 major key elements (although I have learned so many other things) that I learned in the process with Erik was that by being patient, consistent, and compliant as well as letting Erik do his job and tweak the program as needed and me executing it as intended, would be the formula for success.

After just 10 weeks of following that formula I couldn’t believe how much my body transformed. I was down roughly 17lbs and many inches. I could have not been any more confident stepping on that stage. All my hard work, sweat, and maybe a few frustrations that I laid out on the gym floor would be represented on stage! On show day, I felt amazing! Actually come to think of it, I felt amazing throughout my entire contest prep. High energy, positive,and was able to kill every workout even though I might have cursed my way through them lol. I remember walking around with a litre of water backstage and people were shocked to see me chugging it back. It was like I had a third eye or something. I had people that I competed with in my last show come up to me saying how they couldn’t believe the transformation I had made since the last show. Honestly, I was so happy with what I had achieved that placing wasn’t a concern of mine. I was there to enjoy the experience. If I was “too cut” for my division then so be it! I was so proud of myself and ecstatic with how Erik took my body to a whole new level! Also, I had the pleasure to meet Erik and was lucky to have him in the crowd cheering me on and showing him how I was proud to represent LBC.

So, with all of that being said, if you know you are truly ready for a change, are willing to give up a little control, open to some tough love, then I don’t see why you would look anywhere else!!!. Not only is Erik very dedicated to his clients but the LBC community is an extension of his support and you honestly feel like you have a whole new family. Do you think someone who has such success with his clients would have a 2 month waiting list? Just sayin … it’s worth the wait!

– Jasmine Perks, Toronto, ON