Ilene Natic

July 30th, 2010 by

Ileen Natic

Age: 46

They all said it couldn’t be done. I could ramble on with a million words but I think my pictures say it all. Wow! My fat-loss journey began about six years ago trying to get ‘in shape’ two years after the birth of our 5th son. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my efforts would lead me to where I am today. Upon the advice of my f riend Marianne, I came to Erik for help. She said if anyone can get you where you want to be, it would be Erik. I did some research and found that your reputation as a Physique Specialist preceded you and although I was nervous about working with someone online that I’d never met, I decided to move forward.

We have been working together now as coach/client for well over 2 years. I have to say I’m just as excited to be working with you today as I was the day my plan first a rrived (ON my birthday). You have been there, with me, through the exercise routines, cuts, specializations, etc. The results achieved through each of the plans and ph a ses made it easy to stay on plan. I really LOVE that I didn’t and don’t have to think about ANYTHING! The plans contain all the details. There was nothing else to do bu t execute and follow through.

Here we are today looking at the best me I have seen yet. You helped me go from ho hum to WOW. Not only am I physically fit and stronger but I’m also mentally even fitt er and stronger too! You can’t imagine how I feel when I walk past a mirror and do a double take as I stare at my reflection in disbelief. Reality STILL hasn’t set in. This IS really ME.

It’s time for maintenance now but I’m already making plans to see what else we can accomplish together going forward. At 46 years old, a busy mom of five, wife to my hi gh school sweetie and a preschool teacher, I am the leanest, fittest, best me that I could have ever imagined. I wouldn’t be here without you Thank you!

Ileen Natic, Alpharetta, GA