IFBB FItness Pro Sandi Stuart

July 30th, 2010 by



I started working with Erik Ledin during my Jr USA prep. I reached a point where I realized my current workouts/training weren’t helping me achieve my goal of changing my physique.

Within a very short time, Erik helped me correct physique imbalances that had plagued me for years. Who knew that less gym time would help me achieve MORE results? In addition, he had me implement some dynamic mobility work that I strongly believe helped me remain relatively uninjured. Even my massage therapist noticed my body alignment was improving. And, my coworkers, friends, and husband all commented that my mood was better. (My husband actually said, ‘Honey, you can compete yourself silly if you continue doing things this way. You’re not a b*tch on this program.” LOL)

To be honest, I had some reservations at first about working with a ‘science geek’ rather than a big-name bodybuilding/fitness/figure prep guru. However, once I started seeing results, all those initial reservations went away. It was hard for me to ‘trust the process’ (as Erik often told me), but I’m so grateful that I did.

Who says contest prep has to be restrictive and unhealthy? I’ve done things the hard way (ie, excessive cardio and starvation diets), and I’ve done things the Lean Bodies Consulting/’sane way’,and the LBC way got me MUCH better results. Not only did I change my physique for the better, but I also earned my IFBB pro card and won an overall at a national show. More importantly, I emerged from contest prep with a healthier attitude towards food/eating; in other words, I didn’t feel the need to binge or eat 18 weeks worth of food the second I was released from contest prep.

I am currently working with Erik offseason, and I’m very happy to report that I’m within 3-5 lbs of my competition weight, with very little effort. I’m doing the least cardio I’ve ever done, and I’m eating all the foods I love. I feel healthy and like my diet is balanced. And, I feel like I have a coach whose door is always open….one who is always in my corner.

– Sandi Stuart, Rockledge, FL
IFBB Fitness Pro