IFBB Fitness Pro Allison Ethier

July 30th, 2010 by

Allison Ethier

I met Erik Ledin though various message boards. I was intrigued by his vast knowledge base, differentiation in training and nutritional practices. I had been competing for numerous years without a trainer, so I understood what it took to develop a stage ready body, but felt unmotivated by my workouts. I needed to add some size, and take my body to the next level.

After many emails back and forth I decided to go with Erik as my trainer. He provides workouts that inspire and challenge me in the gym every day. I have been working with Erik for about a year and have seen huge changes in my physique. I have added some much needed size to my upper body and am working toward the illusive V taper.

Contest prep is relatively easy, but where I see the biggest change is in the off season. I stay leaner and smaller than in the past in my off season, do minimal cardio and still am able to eat and maintain my weight. I look forward to my training as his workouts keep my body guessing.

Thank you Erik for keeping me motivated, on track, inspired and looking great!

-Allison Ethier
Slimquick Extreme Sponsored Athlete
2008 Arnold Classic Amateur Fitness Overall Champion
Fitness America National Champion
Fitness Canada National Champion
FAME Pro Fitness National Champion
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