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he Beginning

To understand my appreciation for Erik and what he has done for me you first need to understand what I have experienced in the past. I began training for figure competitions over 6 years ago. From 2004-2009 I went through several trainers who ranged from the “local go-to experts” to nationally known “Gurus”. Working with these trainers I took pride in the fact that I would follow their directives “TO THE LETTER”. I was a trainer’s “Ideal” client. In the beginning I never questioned the endless hours of cardio like a hamster on a wheel, nor did I question the unhealthy diets as I assumed there was sound reasoning behind them. I also never questioned the old school training programs as I thought this was the way to develop my physique as a competitor. As time went by I began to have problems and issues with my progress and overall health. There always seemed to be something missing. These caused me to question and eventually leave the local trainers and seek the advice from the national “Gurus”. I researched and decided to hire one of the biggest “Gurus” in the industry. While the personalities of the “Guru” trainers varied their approach to diets and training was very similar to the local trainers. Unbeknownst to me this actually compounded my health problems greatly.

Although I had tremendous success as an amateur and eventually earned my IFBB pro card in 2008 it came at a very heavy price.

Thousands of hours of endless cardio, unhealthy diets, training regimens that were “archaic” at best & poor advice from trainers who had “Don’t think just do” attitudes over the course of 5 years paid a heavy toll on my life. I had developed severe metabolic damage  and began to have temporary memory loss & fainting sensations towards the end of this rollercoaster ride with these so-called trainers.  My personal career goals were placed on hold. My life was miserable as I questioned as to whether having that pro card was really worth the price I had paid. I was depressed and saddened at the way my life had turned out.

Leap of faith

2009 was a new year and I figured I would give the “Guru” another shot and focus on my Pro debut. (Can you tell I am loyal and give it my all?) This was an exciting time as now I am going to compete as an IFBB Figure Pro! I decided to start 14 weeks out so I could take it slow and easy and really have my game face on. 2 weeks into my contest prep I started experiencing memory loss, fainting spells and started having serious health issues. When I questioned the “Guru” with what was happening I was told to “Don’t think just do” and my issues were ignored. That was when the proverbial straw broke the camel’s back. I had had enough and made a very gutsy decision to fire the “Guru” trainer. What to do? I ran through many questions through my mind. Do I quit and not compete at this show? Do I complete the prep on my own? Do I hang up my heels and retire before I even start? I was confused, angry, and extremely upset. This was my pro debut! This was as important as the night I earned my pro card.

I began reading through forums and came across some interesting threads from Erik Ledin. His threads seemed to be directed at me. The issues I was running through my mind were being addressed on the threads. I sent a private message to Erik and he almost immediately responded. He answered all of my questions regarding his approach to nutrition, training, cardio and contest prep. Everything he told me almost mirrored what I thought training should be. Could it be there was a better way? Could I actually enjoy competing and also maintain a balanced life? Could I actually be healthy while competing? Could it be?

I sat with my husband who always supports my decisions and two decided to hire Erik to help me with my pro debut. Now that is what I call a real leap of faith! Who fires a trainer in the middle of contest prep (6 weeks out) especially for their pro debut and hire another trainer who knows nothing about their body? People thought I had lost my mind but I knew in my heart that this was the right choice. Erik was hired to help to salvage what was left of the time I had for my pro debut and make the most of it. Erik really had his work cut out for him that was for sure! Erik handled my prep with kid gloves and really invited feedback from me. He wanted my thoughts and encouraged feedback. This was how a true trainer/client relationship should be. Erik, really did a wonderful job with my pro debut I was very pleased with him.

The Future

After my pro debut Erik recommended a regimented offseason to repair my damaged metabolism and to also focus on refinement of my physique. Here is what I have accomplished since working with Erik. He has resolved all of my health issues with a sound nutrition program. He has polished my physique with specialization programs that have me training like an athlete not a bodybuilder. He responds to every question I have. Our relationship is more of a partnership of sorts as we work together on my fitness goals.

The most exciting part of working with Erik is I now have a balanced life. I am healthy and in the best condition of my life. I am able to enjoy life! My personal career as a fitness director is flourishing and in the midst of all of this I am also able to enjoy competing as an IFBB Figure Pro! I truly enjoy training and competing and plan on competing in at least 2-3 shows this year! This is what competing is all about. Thanks to Erik I am now healthy in mind, body and spirit. Thank you Erik for everything you have done,


IFBB Figure Pro
Melody Clere