Eleonore Groth

July 30th, 2010 by



Starting out working with Erik, I had high hopes … I had seen the testimonials online and I was sure I would see great results. Being a runner and working out for years had never really given me the body I wanted. Never having seriously lifted weights, I felt like I needed direction and a plan, both of which I got from Erik. I found the workouts challenged me in a completely different way than running did. I was also surprised at the time commitment – it was less than what I had anticipated, and yet, I saw results. Initially, I didn’t fully commit to the eating portion of the program because of my schedule … I just didn’t think I could do it. Over the weeks I began to see that planning ahead is crucial and that having a simplified eating plan made decision-making super-easy.

I’m amazed at the improvement in my strength as well as the change in my physique. I truly believe that even the most driven or self-motivated person needs help when it comes to achieving their best body. I have the desire but not the knowledge to design a program myself. That’s why working with Erik was a great decision for me … he took all the guesswork out and I just had to follow directions. I am extremely pleased with the results and would recommend this true investment in yourself. If you consider yourself “in shape” but are still frustrated with your actual SHAPE, working out with Erik will make you a believer too!!!!

– Eleonore Groth, St. Clair Shores, Michigan