Denise Kossan

August 22nd, 2010 by

I am unique in my own way. I don’t think Erik has too many ”home school moms of four” come across his path. My journey is my own. As with most moms with each child I had, I got bigger and bigger. About six years ago I decided I couldn’t be happy and enjoy my life as that person anymore. I decided to lose weight the only way I knew how, the wrong way! I dropped 50 lbs. And was a skinny fat person. At 135 lbs. I was soft and mushy. I struggled not eating and by 2008 was back up to 150 lbs.

I joined a gym and started lifting weights and doing cardio. Four months later I was still 150 lbs. I happened upon a magazine in my gym that talked about clean eating. I started learning I could eat but different foods. I lost those 15 lbs.

I let things slide again and in January 2010 I was back up to 143. I decided it was time to get my act together. I started keeping track of what I was eating everyday. I also started looking online for a coach to help me. A professional, someone who knew what he was doing. I would find someone, keep my eye on them a while and check them off my list. From my research I thought it might be a good idea to get a body composition done so when I found the right coach they would know what I was made of. On March 15th I went into a Bod Pod, an egg shaped air pressure chamber that would test my body fat. At 5’7” I weighed in at 135.6 lbs. Of which my fat mass was 28.5% or 38.6 lbs. And my fat free mass was 71.5% or 97 lbs. I was ready and eager to find a coach.

I ended up finding Lean Bodies Consulting on facebook. When I “liked” the page to see what LBC was all about, Erik Ledin had requested to be my friend, so I accepted. It was a great way to learn more about his training and diet philosophy. I knew by watching him I had found my coach.  

My experience with Erik was positive. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to better his or her health and figure. I followed his plan as best I could and I feel it was very successful. I ended my twelve-week course with him by having another body composition done. My success cannot be denied. I was thrilled with my results. I weighed in at 118 lbs. with 14.3% body fat or 16.9 lbs. My fat mass went from 38.6 lbs. to 16.9 lbs. My lean (fat free) mass went from 97 lbs. to 101.2 lbs.! But how could this be? I didn’t think you could gain muscle while dieting. The guy who did my composition simply said, “Good nutrition. You did everything right.” I was amazed that I had gained that much muscle while dieting. At 43 years old I look better than ever and am so excited about my fitness future. Thank you Erik for all your help, you have no idea how wonderful I feel on the inside! This journey has not been just a physical transformation.

– Denise Kossan, Rush City, MN