Chaya Boone

June 9th, 2011 by

I have to say this has been the least stressed I have ever been in any contest prep! I have only done 5 competitions, with 4 being on the local level and one national level show. However, all but this last prep for NPC Jr. Nationals has been grueling. Now dont get me wrong, preparing for any competition, National or Local is going to be challenging, but it can also be healthy and rewarding.

I started with Erik in December after competing at a local show and qualifying for Nationals. I had qualified for a National show at every NPC show I had competed in since 2007 but this time I had finally decided to go. The feedback from the judges was always that my conditioning was good but I just needed more size. Size for me had been a challenge so I really needed to work with someone who I could really trust to guide me through an off season/ bulk and then lean me out for my first National show. In addition, I wanted to go a healthier route than I had in the past. After the last cometition in November, I had a brief bout with edema where my limbs had swollen so tight that it was actually  painful. It was because of the low carbs and low sodium diet that I had been on for so long!

After speaking with Erik, I found him the refreshing, “no-nonsense” type like myself. Get the results. Forget the FLUFF. We had similar backgrounds in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology so I could really respect his reasoning and opinions. He didn’t put me through ridiculous amounts of cardio, cut out my sodium, dehydrate me, starve me or have me taking any unnecessary wasteful supplments!

Erik has done an awesome job with guiding me through a healthy bulk and leaning me out for my first National show through healthy nutritional guidance. With his assistance, I placed 9th in my category in my first National showing at NPC JR. NATIONAL’S 2010! I am very happy for the future ahead and competing in the future with Erik’s guidance!

– Chaya Boone, Chicago, IL