Charissa Skuza

July 30th, 2010 by



In 2007 I entered my first figure competition. I did all my preparation on my own. Not having any personal experience I did what I thought would work best and cut all the calories possible in addition to running hours of cardio. I ended up peaking too soon and after the show had a serious rebound.

I wanted to continue competing but didn’?t want the same result as my previous experience. Erik was recommended to me by a friend online. After contacting Erik, I decided to work with him in preparation for my second figure show. It went better than I had expected. While fellow figure competitors complained about their coaches taking out certain food groups from their diets and/or making them run insane amounts of cardio leaving them with little free time or energy, Erik’s diet plans and workouts are set up to work together to help maximize food and minimize the cardio. The result, efficient fat loss without the pain of hunger or any significant loss of energy. He helped make improvements to my body in three months that I couldn’?t make in a year on my own.

Throughout my contest preparation Erik was always quick to answer questions and always made sure to ask how I was feeling. He kept in contact with me daily when I needed him the most during my final week before the show and was contacting me first thing the day of to see how I was doing. I ended up placing first in my height class. Erik has definitely earned my trust and respect as a trainer and I am looking forward to continued training with him.

– Charissa Skuza, Grovetown, GA