Cameron Hacault

August 15th, 2010 by

In September 2009 I hired Erik Ledin at Lean Bodies Consulting to  help me prepare for my very first natural bodybuilding competition in April 2010. This gave me 7 ½ months to get my body from 167 lbs and not very well defined to being totally ripped. When I hired Erik he had me complete a thorough questionnaire to get a complete understanding of my current health and fitness level and find out my personal goals.
Back then my goal was to look and feel the best I ever had in my life, and to look ‘like I belonged’ on stage (I didn’t want to look like some dude that just walked off the street), while taking a healthy approach to fitness.  

Erik has an incredibly deep and thorough I also know that following Erik’s guidance was a vital key to this transformation.understanding of nutrition and fitness. While this seems obvious, it’s not. There are a lot of trainers out there (seems like most of them) that rely on industry ‘folklore’ and ‘myth’ to get results for their clients. Erik’s approach is always based on results AND health. I was always eating healthy, natural foods and had some actual variety in my meals (I met some competitors that ate boiled chicken and cucumber ONLY).
Erik personally invests himself into each clients’ specific goals and does whatever he can to help them come to light. He constantly adjusted my meal and workout plan based on results and kept a close eye to any other feedback. In addition, Erik’s process of consistent reporting helped to keep me accountable.
At the start of this transformation I was 167 lbs with a 34.5” waist and very little muscle definition. On contest day I weighed 145 lbs with a 29.5” waist and LOTS of muscle definition. I had never been even close to this shape in my entire life and am grateful that Erik helped me on this journey.
For anyone considering hiring a personal trainer for any reason I would highly endorse Erik and his services. 

– Cameron Hacault, Victoria, BC