Angie Morales

June 9th, 2011 by

In 1998, I weighed in at 200 pounds. This was a lot of weight for me because I am only 5’3” tall. I was pregnant with my first child and only 24 years old. Over the years I have been able to lose the weight, but only by overtraining and under-eating,

I discovered Lean Bodies Consulting through Facebook. I was instantly impressed and curious about Erik and his plans. It seemed as though everyone he trained was making amazing strides in their physique and happy all at the same time. His clients were healthy looking and eating ice cream as their PWO carb! I couldn’t believe his testimonials and wondered could there really be a “different” way to be contest ready.

My problem areas were my abs and glutes and his clients seemed to be making the best changes in those exact spots. I researched Erik’s site and read every one of his articles. I was excited and wanted in too.

I contacted Erik in February, 2011just as I was beginning contest season prep. I was holding around 125-128 pounds and had stepped on stage at 115-110 pounds in my previous shows. I was already doing lots of Group Exercise Classes and extra cardio sessions as well as 5 days each week of weight training.

Over the next few weeks, I was so excited as I waited on my plan to arrive in my email box. You can’t imagine my surprise when I saw “NO CARDIO” on my plan. I was always the 2x per day girl with cardio. I didn’t know any other way to lean down than to eat under 1200 calories per day and kill it at the gym everyday.

I put my trust in Erik’s plan and stuck to it like glue! I totally loved the workouts and the diet. It was all my favorite foods and then some! I would have never allowed myself white potatoes in the past but now I get to eat them 4-5 times per week. My PWO carb of choice is ice cream and I was getting leaner.

Erik’s approach is straight and to the point. Compliance is the key to success. At one point during my prep, I ate 2 tootsie rolls. I felt so mad at myself for giving in to temptation and as a punishment, the cardio machine was calling my name. I immediately emailed Erik, told him what I did and how I felt and that I was feeling the need to hit the cardio harder. He assured me that this was no big deal and that I have to the power to let it go or dwell on it. I chose to let it go and move forward while remaining compliant to my plan.

I stepped on stage after only 8 weeks with Erik. I was down 13 pounds and many inches. I went into my show completely hydrated and feeling healthier than ever! My face was glowing and my body had changed in ways that I thought could never happen for me! I actually have glutes now! I received the best feedback from the judges, some of which had judged me in my previous shows and was also amazed in my physique changes. They told me that I looked “perfect” and to change nothing about my training and diet plan.

I am convinced that Erik is THE KING of contest prep! I am currently 17 days from my next Figure Competition and have no intention of doing this any other way than the LBC way!

– Angie Morales, Corbin, KY