Amanda Landrums

July 30th, 2010 by

Amanda Landrums

Age: 31

I have worked with Erik before a few years back after my first child when I wanted to take my body to the next level. I ended up competing in two local shows looking the best I ever had in my life, and meet a lot of great people and had a lot of fun.

A few months after the shows I found out I was pregnant and one month after that found out it was twins! I was told right away that with the higher risk of twins I should try and gain weight earlier in the pregnancy so if they came early they would be bigger. I took this to heart and dived right into steak and ice cream. Then at 24 weeks I did have a preterm scare and was taken out of work and no more working out. I ended up delivering at 36.5 weeks and they were two very healthy beautiful boys. However, I had gained just over 60lbs and had set the goal of getting back on stage, so 3 months after having the twins I emailed Erik and told him I was ready to work!

At this point I was staying home with all 3 kids (4yr old and two 3m olds). Erik’s plans were able to fit into my schedule and a lot of my meals were so easy to make that I had no trouble at all fitting it all in. My first goal was to be a size 4 when I went back to work at 9 months postpartum. I was able to do this but I just did not feel ready to get on stage that fall like I wanted to do. We decided to switch gears and try and add some muscle. I was a little scared because I had just lost all the weight and really did not want to put any back on.

With Erik’s guidance and plans I was able to increase my weights and just felt really strong the whole time and was excited about the changes I saw. I even competed in a local 10k race for the first time that fall. Once the holidays were over we switched back to dieting for a April show and I felt great my whole prep and never felt like I was taking time away from my family. I even think I came into the show looking better then before the twins. The things I have learned from Erik are priceless. I am able to look the way I want after 3 kids and I feel strong and full of energy most days. His workouts kickbutt but take less time and they get the job done. I am now working with him to maintain my muscle and size 2 pants while I train for a sprint triathlon in the spring and half marathon in the fall. So far so good.

– Amanda Landrum, Roseville, MI