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Warming Up

How do most people warm up? They might jump on the bike or the treadmill for five or ten minutes for a general warm up, then they might do a few light static stretches and then they’ll move onto some light weight, high rep work before moving onto their first exercise. Then they settle in.. Read more →

Cardio and Intervals for Fat Loss

I did a two-part interview for Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training (// member site recently. I’ll be running the full interview in a future issue of the LBC newsletter, but in the mean time (since I’m trying to post to this blog frequently) I thought, I’d post up one of the Q&As from the interview.  .. Read more →

Hamstrings and Leg Curls

Leg Curls …. Do them? Don’t do them? There’s a lot of villfying of leg curls going on by various people these days. Now, I’m not going to argue their logic, because well, in the context of their arguement, they’re right. One of the criticisms is that leg curls aren’t ‘functional’ (popular word these days),.. Read more →