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Metabolic Mind Games!!

I had a light bulb moment a few weeks ago while having a discussion with a client. We were discussing metabolic damage and how much more common this is becoming these days in female competitor circles. Well, figure has been around for about seven years now and really popular for let’s say, the last four.. Read more →

Are You Training For A Weight … or a Look?

So one of the changes I’ve made in how clients submit biweekly progress reports is to have them fill in all the commentary BEFORE taking any measurements or checking bodyweight. I’ve found, and I’m sure this’ll come as no surprise, that the numbers dramatically affect the subjective commentary of progress, so I figured I’d try.. Read more →


I just couldn’t pass up posting this great post by Pauline Nordin. It fits so much in line with some of my writings on the site. It’s a bit wordy, but this is a good tough love read. Get to it. Is she talking to you? ——————- As adults we are supposed to be held.. Read more →

The Key To Successful Fat Loss

Today’s post isn’t really going to be anything new, but it’s one of those subjects that people need, apparently, constant reminding of when we’re talking about successful fat loss. What am I talking about? Any guesses? I’m hoping it’s obvious. I’m talking about dietary adherence; that is basic compliance to your nutritional plan. This is.. Read more →

You’re Not Starving. You Simply Want To Eat.

Quick hit today … Quote of the day from my buddy Brad Pilon: “For weight loss – change your internal dialog. You are not hungry and you are not starving. You simply want to eat. It’s under your control.”   This ties in nicely with The Power of the Dieting Mindset article found elsewhere on.. Read more →

Diet For Thought

Diet-for-Thought Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. It’s quite obvious to me that our culture remains obsessed with dieting. I’m not talking balanced, long- term minded dieting but rather dieting beyond reason, becoming slaves to restriction, false control and the gratification.. Read more →