Basic Primer on Effective Training

Continuing on with the basics of effective training is the need to have a strong emphasis on the use of compound exercises. I know this one tends to be a ‘no brainer’ but it’s worth mentioning again anyway. Yes, isolation exercises and even machines may have their place, but the major portion of your training.. Read more →

Basic Primer on Effective Training

Continuing on with the idea that there needs to be heavy component (ie. low reps) to your training … Training with heavy weights improves something called myogenic tone through growth of the contractile proteins ‚Äì the aforementioned myofibrillar hypertrophy. Myogenic tone is basically a measure of a muscle‚Äôs density. When your body is nice and.. Read more →

Basic Primer on Effective Training

My next few posts are going to be all about what I think covers the basics of ‘effective training’. It’s amazing how paying a little attention to some basic principles (actually applying some basic principles) can dramatically change the effectiveness of your time in the gym. How many of us have spent a lot of.. Read more →

Warming Up

How do most people warm up? They might jump on the bike or the treadmill for five or ten minutes for a general warm up, then they might do a few light static stretches and then they’ll move onto some light weight, high rep work before moving onto their first exercise. Then they settle in.. Read more →

BEWARE! Rant About The Scale!

This is a post I made previously that I thought deserved to be immortalized in my blog. :) It’s always worth a second look … Why does bodyweight matter so much to ‘you’? This is going to turn into more of a rant I think. What does bodyweight tell you? It tells you what you.. Read more →

Cardio and Intervals for Fat Loss

I did a two-part interview for Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training (// member site recently. I’ll be running the full interview in a future issue of the LBC newsletter, but in the mean time (since I’m trying to post to this blog frequently) I thought, I’d post up one of the Q&As from the interview.  .. Read more →